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Within our markets, thousands of people around the country connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods. We also offer a wide range of Seller Services and tools that help creative entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their businesses. Our mission is to re-imagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world, and we’re committed to using the power of business to strengthen communities and empower people.

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Discover Kharb Industries Journey

Amit Kharb
June 2014
Starts Solar Business
Amit Kharb
May April 2015
Add Inverter-Battery Segment with Solar
Amit Kharb
April 2016
Adds Power Saving Business
Amit Kharb
April 2017
Adds Gel Earthing Business
Amit Kharb
April 2018
Deals In Solar Projects, Inverter-Battery, Earthing & Power Saving
Amit Kharb
April 2019
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant but in demo mode.
Amit Kharb
April 2020
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Er. Amit Kharb in India.

Meet Our Leaders

Amit Kharb

Er. Amit Kharb

Surinder Singh

Er. Surinder Singh

Paramjeet Singh

Paramjeet Singh

General Manager
Bhushan Jain

Bhushan Jain

Accounts Manager
Satbir Yadav

Bhushan Jain

Sales Manager
Veeru Singh

Veeru Singh

Chief Engineer
Satveer Singh

Satveer Singh


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Industry leaders and influencers recognize Overstock as one of the most trust worthy retail companies in the India, ranking high for both customer and employee satisfaction.
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